Notifications and payments
by license plate

How it works

We create a product that makes life easier for car owners around the world
Install the app
Register the car and card for payments
Pleasant use!
Payment is made through the license plate of the car
Use paid parking lots, highway without stops, parking meters and queues
* Without user data
* We do not have access to your card data


Just the number and color of the car is enough to be always in touch
Without a phone number

No calls

No messages
Payment for parking
without parking meters, queues and tickets
We invite parking vendors
to cooperate
500-800 cars per day - average passability in paid parking lots
from the turnover of the commission
500 cars/day on
120 $/month
1 440 $/year
500 cars/day on
1 200 $/month
14 400 $/year
500 cars/day on
120 000 $/month
144 000 $/year
We also invite integrators to cooperate!
The income of the vendor:
The income of the vendor:
The income of the vendor:
Benefits for parking
No payment of the parking meters and tickets
High throughput
A vendor-specific number recognition system is sufficient
Display of available spots
Valet parking
Additional protection against fraud
Displaying a parking spot
Ability to display and pay for parking services
Arrivals and departures are 3 times faster
Benefits for toll roads
No queues
No transponder
No parking meters
It is enough to register the state transport number and card
Benefits for gas stations
3 times faster
No need to go to the cash register
One-touch refueling
A leading Russian company in the field of development and implementation of video analytics and industrial control systems based on machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies.
Автоматизация паркинга с 1999 г.: выработка сложных технологический решений для крупных объектов, система парковочной навигации и интеграция парковочной системы с другими IT-системами.
Want to connect an object?
Contact one of our partners!
We invite you to cooperate
vendors of parking , highways, gas stations, car washes and others
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